Information About OSOW and Heavy Haul Industry

Hauling Oversize/Overweight Loads – An Overview

Quick overview of oversize/overweight loads and Federal and State Regulations associated with moving them

Oversize and Overweight Fines and Penalties By State

Overview of fines and penalties for violations of os/ow cargo movement regulations

Tire regulations USA and Canada | Tire size, thread depth, width and snow chains regulations

Overview of tire regulations in all US states and Canadian provinces

Road Conditions And Closures By State

Overview of sources of information about the road conditions and closures

Oversize Load Flags, Lights, Signs, Banners, Holiday Restrictions and Running Times Regulations By State

By state overview of various regulations associated with moving oversize/overweight loads

Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle Laws and Requirements By State

Overview of Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle Laws, Requirements and Regulations By State

Truck weight limits, DOT heavy haul regulations and overweight permits

An overview of truck weight limits, DOT and state heavy haul regulations and overweight permits

Top 5 mistakes brokers make when quoting oversized loads

Common Mistakes Brokers Make When Quoting Oversized/Overweight Loads.

How to reduce freight claims, limit liability, and mitigate risks

How to reduce freight claims, limit liability, and mitigate risks

Wide Load Regulations, Rules, Flags and Permit Costs by State

Overview of Wide Load Permit Regulations And Rules, maximum vehicle/trailer width by state

How to get started as an owner operator | owner operator startup checklist

19 Things you need to know before you take the first step to being an Independent Owner/Operator—And Alternate Path to Becoming an O/O

Manufactured housing and mobile homes transport | Laws on moving oversize manufactured buildings

Manufactured housing and mobile homes single trip transport permits | Laws on moving oversize mobile homes and manufactured buildings

Federal Bridge Formula Calculator | Bridge Law Formula

Federal Bridge Weight Formula Calculator

City Oversize Overweight Permits And Regulations

Many are unaware that state permits for an over dimensional load may not be the only permits required for the movement. While state permits are always required, municipal (city) permits may also be required if your route is taking you through city streets ...

Hotshot trucking - getting started, costs, insurance and cdl requirements and how to's

Getting started in HotShot trucking

Overweight container guide for US roads | 20' 40' shipping container weight limits | Maximum weight allowed for ocean containers

Overview of shipping overweight ocean containers in the US

Wind Turbine Transportation | Oversize Wind Blade, Tower and Generator Transportation

Overview of how Transportation is Supporting the Wind Farm Industry

Flatbeds and Step-Decks — Workhorses of Oversize Load Hauling

Flatbeds and Step-Decks — Workhorses of Oversize Load Hauling

Oversize Boat/Yacht Towing/Hauling | Boat Transportation Permit | Boat Trailer Permits

Overview of hauling oversize boats and yachts

Bucket Truck Regulations For Moving Oversize/Superloads | Bucket Truck Escort

Overview of Bucket Truck Escorts

Axle Weight Limits Calculator By State | Steer, Drive, Single, Tandem, Tridem Axle Load Legal And Permitted Weight

Automatically calculate max legal and permitted weights for axles and axle groups in each state

Oversize Single Trip vs Annual Permit | Oversize Overweight Load Annual Permits

Oversize Single Trip vs Annual Permit | Oversize Overweight Load Annual Permits

Heavy Equipment Transportation | Oversized Machinery Transport

While oversize equipment is often also an overweight load, the two factors are considered separately in the world of oversize/heavy hauling.

Fuel Permits - IFTA Permit - Temporary IFTA Permits

Any way you look at it, paying taxes is never fun. But completing the tax returns can be the greater challenge. This tutorial shows how IFTA works and what data it requires to complete the IFTA forms.

Trip Permits - IRP Permit - The International Registration Plan Permits

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a reciprocal registration agreement between the contiguous (“lower 48”) United States and the ten Canadian provinces that provides equitable “apportioned payments” of registration fees. Each jurisdiction (state or province) has the responsibility of issuing IRP registrations for operators in its state, consequently, each state has its own IRP agency and its own guidelines and forms for submitting the IRP applications and annual filings.

Truck Height Restrictions and Bridge Clearance + Permit Prices by State

Overview of height restrictions and bridge clearances for oversize loads by state

Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions by State and Province (USA and Canada) – 2024

Frost Laws and seasonal load weight and speed Restrictions with links to the most up-to-date information

Driver Detention & Layovers, How to get paid every dollar you earn.

The article offers guidance on how to handle detentions and layovers in the trucking industry. Proper time management and communication with shippers and receivers can minimize detention periods, understanding the company policies regarding detention and layover pays, as well as the potential to make the best of layovers by exploring local areas.