Oversize / Overweight Load Regulations & Costs Calculator

All OS/OW regulations and prices in one place

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How it works

After entering your origin, destination and load dimensions you'll see your route on the map, total mileage, price and a detailed by-state breakdown of:

  • oversize permits and prices
  • overweight permits and prices
  • civilian and police escorts
  • superload information
  • road survey information
  • driver rate/fuel costs
  • exact mileage per state
  • frost laws
  • running hours & holiday restrictions
  • requirements for oversize flags, lights & banners

All automatically calculated based on your load parameters

Our information is up to date (updated weekly) and is coming directly from the state representatives

Save time and money

Forget about regulation books: use your phone, tablet or laptop to quote oversize/overweight loads in seconds!

I can’t say enough about Oversize.IO. As a Third Party Provider, it is extremely challenging to get in a play with the big asset companies in the OD/OW space. There are so many variables to consider when putting together quotes and there is no room for error. Not only did it take years of experience to understand all of the different types of commodities, equipment and lingo, but once I had that knowledge, it was stillvery time consuming checking all of the different resources to confirm Permit, Escort, Superload, Police, Survey, Holiday restriction/requirements/costs. The states don’t do us any favors with this since requirements change with EVERY state and each state can change their requirements at any time. Used to be, If I had a super load going across, say 6 states, that quote could easily take me 30 minutes to quote. With Oversize.IO bringing all of my resources into one platform, Now I can knock that quote out in 2! Time is money and I would say our monthly subscription is paid back 10 fold with time saved. I was a little skeptical to begin with, so I double checked their data against my old method for the 1st month or so and quickly confirmed them to be very accurate. Now I trust it without question. The customer service has also been outstanding so far. They are there if I have any questions and they are very open to feedback.

Nathan Watson
Senior Director – Construction Logistics