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Missouri Oversize / Overweight Regulations

What is considered as "Oversized Load" in Missouri?

Dimensions: Width: 8' 6" Height: 15' (14' Interstates) Trailer Length: 53' Truck-Trailer: 53' Legal Overhang: Front: 3', Rear: 15'

What is considered as "Overweight Load" in Missouri?

Weights: Per Single Axle: 22,400 lb. Max Gross Weight: 80,000 lb.

Missouri Oversize / Overweight Permits

Missouri Permit Department Contact Information


Fax: 573-751-7408

7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central

Missouri Pilot Cars / Escorts


No escort is required for loads up to and including 12 feet 4 inches wide.

Escort requirements for loads exceeding 12 feet 4 inches in width are:

12 feet 4 inches - 14 feet: 

On Interstates and Designated Highways:  Escort shall be in the rear on dual lane divided or multi-lane pavement and in the front on two lane pavement.

Off Interstate and Designated Routes:  Two escorts (front and rear) required. Two-way radios required in the power unit and all escort vehicles. 

Over 14 feet: 

Interstates and Divided Highways: One Escort required

Multi-lane Undivided and Two-Lane Highways. Two escorts are required on all , one front and one rear. Two-way radio communication is required between the power unit and all escort vehicles.


(1) Rear escort is required for movements when load exceed s 90 feet for aall highways except divided highways.

(2) Special escort requirements may be specified whenever the size, speed, or operation of movement may require.

(3) A separate escort shall be provided for each load and movement in convoy is not allowed.

Escorts and Flagmen

The following regulations apply to escorts and flagmen and it is the responsibility of the permit applicant to see that escorts which accompany their movement adhere to these regulations:

(1) Oversize load signs shall he displayed on the front and/or rear of the escort vehicle, whichever is applicable, for the move or an optional sign mounted on the top of the vehicle with printing on both sides is acceptable. Signs are to be a minimum size of 5 feet by 1 foot high with a minimum 8 inch high letters. The sign’s background shall he yellow with black lettering and visible for at least 300 feet. The legend shall read “OVERSIZE LOAD”.

(2) Escort vehicles are to be equipped with at least two red or orange fluorescent warning flags mounted on a staff at the two front extremities of the vehicle for a front escort and at the rear extremities for a rear escort.

Missouri Axle Regulations

Maximum Weight Allowed:

Gross vehicle weight – 80,000 lb.

The maximum weight allowed in Missouri is:

Single Axle:      20,000 lb. (Interstate), 22,000 lb. Non-interstate)

Tandem Axle:   34,000 lb. (Interstate), 36,000 lb. (Non-interstate).

Maximum Gross Weight: 80,000 lb.

(On all highways other than the Interstate system an additional 2,000 lb. may be added to the weight table, except the 80,000 lb. maximum gross weight may not be exceeded)

Maximum Permit Weights

The maximum allowable axle weights for permits are as follows:

Axle Group                                      Maximum

Single                                               20,000 lb.

Tandem                                            46,000 lb. (no more than 24,000 pounds for any axle of a multi-axle group

Triple                                                 60,000 lb. (but no more that 21,000 pounds for any axle of a multi-axle group)

Quadrum                                          72,000 lb. (but no more than 19,000 pounds for any axle of a quadrum axle group)

Missouri Trip and Fuel (IRP / IFTA) Permits

72-Hour Reciprocity Permit

Permit required for carriers based in another jurisdiction that is not properly licensed to travel in or through the State of Missouri. This permit allows the carrier to make inter & intra jurisdictional movements and are vehicle specific. Cost is $10.00.

72-Hour Special Fuel Trip Permit

Required prior to entry or re-entry into Missouri when not registered for IFTA. This permit is vehicle specific. This permit cost $10.00.

72-Hour Trip Permit

Permit takes the places of a Missouri intrastate sticker. Permit does not take the place of required intrastate authority. Cost is $10.00.

Missouri Overweight / Oversize Fines

The driver of trailer that exceeds the state’s maximum weight limits is fined for each pound exceeding the limit. The dollar amount for each pound varies and is set by the county.

Log book violations are punished by an approximately $300 fine for each occurrence. Violations of grade restrictions are also penalized by an approximate $300 fine.

Weight                                                                 Fine

First 1,000 lb. over:                                            $87.50

For each lb. over 1,000 lb.                                $87.50 + $0.10 per lb.

Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Warning Lights

No mention is made of lights.

"Oversized Load" Banner

All oversize loads exceeding 10' 6"wide require OVERSIZE LOAD or WIDE LOAD signs on front of the load.

For combination loads longer than 90', or single unit length of 50', an oversize load sign must also be attached to the rear of the load.

Sign Size: 7' long, 18" high Letters: Black, Background: Yellow

Flag Requirements

Red, yellow or orange fluorescent flags, 18' square in good condition with displayed at the extreme ends and/or projection all oversize loads.

Flags, Lights and Banners

Running Hours and Holiday restrictions

Travel is limited to 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset (exceptions may apply in certain cities and regions of the state.

No movement is allowed on legal holidays. There may be additional local restrictions.

Movement is not allowed on the following holidays; New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

Missouri Tire Regulations

Studded tires

No person shall operate any motor vehicle upon any road or highway of this state between the first day of April and the first day of November with studded tires.

Tire Condition

Inspect all tires  for tread wear, knots, cuts, separations, mismatching of tire types and for tire markings such as “reject” or “for non-highway use.”


Inspect all wheels except the spare tire wheel for damage and the condition of any visible wheel bolts, nuts or lugs, or mismatching of hub assembly. Hub caps need not be removed to inspect wheel bolts, nuts or lugs except on the wheel which is removed for brake inspection.

Missouri Frost Laws

See WINTER ROAD CONDITIONS panel for road closure information.

Drivers on the approach to the covered areas indicated by purple lines on MoDOT's Traveler Information Map - - should consider leaving the highway for a warm, safe parking location.

Missouri Annual Permits

Annual (Blanket) Permits


Blanket permits may be issued for moves up to and including twelve-feet, four-inches (12’4”) in width and one hundred-fifty-feet, zero inches (150’0”) in overall length. Height and weight shall be in accordance with current Missouri Statutes. 


Annual blanket emergency overweight permit (round trip)—$624 (fee will be prorated quarterly); 

Annual blanket oversize permit—single commodity—$128 (fee will be prorated quarterly);

Annual blanket oversize permit—multiple commodity—$400 (fee will be prorated quarterly); 

Annual blanket overweight well drillers or concrete pump truck permit—$300 (fee will be prorated quarterly);

Missouri Road Conditions

The Missouri Department of Transportation celebrates National Work Zone Awareness Week every April.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has changed its statewide work zone guidelines to improve safety for motorists and highway workers, reduce traveler delays, improve statewide consistency in work zones and make better use of MoDOT’s resources.

Safety is number one value.

The state:

Ccmmunicates upcoming projects and alternate routes.

They reduce disruptions by shifting work to night and off-peak hours, when possible.

They manage multiple project on a route when possible.


 Must obey posted reduced speed limits

Not to rush and disrespect other drivers and workers.

Use alternate routes when available.

Missouri Manufactured Houses and Mobile homes

Annual Permits 

Annual blanket permits are available for the movement of manufactured and sectional home units up to and including twelve feet four inches (12’4”) in width and one hundred fifty feet (150’) in overall length. Height and weight shall be legal.

Fee: Annual blanket oversize permit—single commodity—$128 (fee will be prorated quarterly)

Oversize / Overweight Regulations By State