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Ohio Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Ohio

Trip Permit

The Ohio 72-hour trip permit is a registration option for qualified International Registration Plan (IRP) vehicles that do not have apportionment in Ohio where immediate travel is desired. The trip permit is issued in lieu of IRP credentials for vehicles properly registered in their base jurisdiction.

Ohio IRP offices sell trip permit numbers in bulk to third-party permit agencies. IRP customers should contact a third-party agent to purchase a trip permit.

Carriers not registered under IRP but with a qualifying IRP vehicle may purchase a 72-hour trip permit for interstate travel.

Single Trip Fuel Permit

A Temporary Fuel permit is issued in lieu of IFTA licensing for travel within Ohio. The fee for a Temporary Ohio Fuel permit is $12 per day. Permits can be obtained through a permitting service, who will charge an additional processing fee.

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