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Ohio Oversize and Overweight Fines and Penalties

Minimum fine is $100. Falsification of weights on bills of lading, dock receipts, etc-$5,000, plus 30 days in jail. Operators may be fined for either over-axle or over-gross, and may be permitted to shift up to 1,000 lbs to avoid an over-axle citation. Penalties for violation of the legal dimension and weight limits as established in Sections 5577.04, 5577.05, of the Ohio Revised Code, otherwise known as an unpermitted movement, will subject the person making the movement to the criminal liability imposed under Section 5577.99 and the civil liability imposed under Section 5577.12 of the Ohio Revised Code. Following an arrest for a permit or traffic violation, the equipment is normally removed to a safe location at the direction of the arresting officer who will revoke the permit and prevent further movement until either authorization or a new permit to continue the movement is received from the issuing authority or, if such authorization or permit is refused, the vehicle and load is reduced to within legal dimension and weight limits. A file of permit violations and supporting evidence is maintained at the Central Permit Office and will be reviewed when considering future applications by the permittee.



0 – 2,000 lbs


2,001 – 5,000 lbs

$100 + $1 per 100 lbs

5,001 – 10,000 lbs

$130 + $2 per 100 lbs

Over 10,000 lbs

$160 + $3 per 100 lbs %20Hauling%20Permits%20Ops%20Guide%20Nov%202014%20Rev1.pdf %20Hauling%20Permits%20Ops%20Guide%20Nov%202014%20Rev1.pdf

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