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Michigan Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Michigan

Trip Permits (72-Hour Reciprocity Permit)

Michigan Operators Driving Out-of-State

Michigan operators eligible for apportioned registration must have a trip permit to enter any IRP jurisdiction unless the Michigan vehicle has an apportioned registration with the jurisdiction listed on the cab card.

In most jurisdictions, as long as you meet the member jurisdiction's requirements, your vehicle can be operated intrastate and interstate for the period allowed under the trip permit. However, in Alberta, Arkansas, British Columbia, Iowa, Manitoba, Nebraska, Ontario, and Wyoming, trip permit operation is limited to interstate movement. Prince Edward Island is limited to one entry and one exit.

Out-of-State Operators Driving in Michigan

A 72-hour reciprocity permit is required for the power unit (truck or truck-tractor) of a truck registered in a jurisdiction not reciprocal with Michigan, a truck from a reciprocal jurisdiction but exceeding its maximum GVW while in Michigan, or a truck from an IRP jurisdiction, but without an IRP plate. The permit authorizes 72 consecutive hours of travel in or through Michigan. The fee for each permit is $20.

Fuel Permit

A Temporary Fuel permit is issued in lieu of IFTA licensing for travel within Michigan. The fee for a Temporary Michigan Fuel permit is $20 and is valid for 5 consecutive days. Permits can be obtained through a permitting service, who will charge an additional processing fee. No more than 3 permits can be obtain per calendar year.

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