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Delaware Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Delaware

Trip Permit

Required for carriers based elsewhere that do not have Delaware on their IRP cab card. Must have prior to entry into Delaware. Valid in Delaware only.

Temporary Fuel Permit

Delaware may provide for the issuance of a 30-day IFTA temporary permit to a carrier in good standing in lieu of display of the annual decals. This permit may be obtained from the Delaware Motor Carrier Services Section/IFTA Unit.

In lieu of permanent decals, an IFTA temporary permit may be issued by the base jurisdiction valid for all member jurisdictions. The temporary permit must be vehicle specific and contain the expiration date. The temporary permit need not be displayed but shall be carried in the vehicle.

Failure to carry the temporary permit may subject the vehicle operator to the purchase of a trip permit and a citation.

A 72-Hour Permit can be issued for Reciprocity Trip and/or Fuel permits. Permits are necessary for carriers based in another jurisdiction when traveling into Delaware who are not properly registered for Delaware. This permit allows interstate and intrastate movements. Seventy two hour permits are vehicle specific. The permit cost is determined by permit type(s) selected. Permits are valid for 72 hours/3 days. 

IRP State of Delaware

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