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South Dakota Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for South Dakota

Temporary Fuel Permits

Carriers who are IFTA license holders must properly display their decals and carry their IFTA license in the vehicles at all times. If for any reason a carrier does not display decals or have their IFTA license, the carrier must purchase a temporary fuel permit.

1. In South Dakota temporary fuel permits cost $20 and are valid for 72 hours or until a carrier leaves the state, whichever comes first.

2. Mileage and tax-paid fuel purchased while operating under a temporary permit still must be included on the quarterly tax return. In particular, note the following items on your quarterly return:

  • Line A: Add all miles/kilometers accrued under the temporary fuel permit to total distance traveled (necessary to compute average miles/kilometers per gallon).
  • Line B: Add all fuel purchased under the temporary fuel permit to total fuel consumed (necessary to compute average miles/kilometers per gallon).
  • Column 2: Include all distance traveled in the state in which you purchased the temporary fuel permit.
  • Column 3: Do not include any distance traveled under the temporary fuel permit.
  • Column 5: Include any fuel you purchased on a tax-paid basis.

3. Retain all temporary fuel permits in your files for audit verification.

Review the permits you submit to be certain that they are fuel permits.

For example, some jurisdictions have a ton mileage permit.

If you submitted the ton mileage permit as a fuel permit, your claim would be disallowed and you would be assessed interest for under-reporting your fuel tax liability.

Trip Permits

Carriers who intend to use a vehicle for intrastate travel for a single trip may purchase a trip permit which allows the vehicle to travel within the jurisdiction from a point of origin to a point of destination. Such vehicles must have some form of current license before a trip permit can be issued.

If a carrier is going to use the vehicle only in an intrastate operation, they may qualify for a commercial permit.

The common use of trip permits by South Dakota based carriers is for vehicles under a temporary lease. The fee for a trip permit is $15 per trip. Trip permits may be obtained by calling the 24-hour Permit Center at (605) 698-3925.

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