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British Columbia Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for British Columbia

Temporary Permit

apply and immediately receive a Single Trip, Non-Resident permit for a vehicle that has an actual gross vehicle weight between 5,000 kgs and 63,500 kgs and is categorized as one of the following vehicle types: commercial vehicles; commercial passenger vehicle (bus); industrial vehicle (x-plated); farm tractor; farm vehicle 

Note: for more information regarding non-resident commercial vehicles and for CAVR exemptions, please refer to the Compliance Circular 06/08.

Fuel Permit

apply and immediately receive a Motive Fuel User permit (based on total distance travelled in BC) for a vehicle whose actual gross vehicle weight is between 11,800 kgs and 63,500 kgs; 

Note: Vehicles licensed under 11,800kgs and having more than 2 axles also require a Motive Fuel User permit.  In this situation, please contact the Provincial Permit Centre at 1-800-559-9688.  For more information, please refer to the Tax Bulletin: International Fuel Tax Agreement and Motive Fuel User Permits. 

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