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Alberta Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Alberta

In-Transit Permits (Temporary Permits)

In-Transit Permits are intended to allow a person to transport a vehicle or trailer which is not currently registered from one location in Alberta to another location within Canada.

We can only provide an In Transit Permit for clients in our office. We cannot do this over the phone or online. Please contact your local Registry Office for more information specific to your situation and location. 

In Transit Permits are valid for up to 7 days if for the purpose of transporting the vehicle to another province, to allow a prospective buyer to test drive the vehicle, or for inspection or mechanical services. If you are getting an In Transit Permit to move the vehicle from Point A to Point B within Alberta, the permit will be valid for a maximum of 3 days. If the In-Transit Permit is for a Salvage Vehicle, the permit is valid for only 24 hours. The cost is $24.45.

To obtain an In-Transit Permit, please bring in proof of insurance (digital or paper) as well as your own driver’s licence. For travel outside of Alberta, we will also require Proof of Ownership (bill of sale or certificate of title).

Temporary Permits (Fuel Permits)

For situations where IFTA credentials are required more urgently, TRA may issue a 30-day temporary permit for an additional fee of $10 per vehicle.

  • Existing registrants may contact TRA and provide the make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • New carriers must include the above information and the IFTA Registration form. 

Temporary permits will not be processed until payment has been received.

Temporary permits can take 7-10 business days to process under normal circumstances. Contact the jurisdictions you will be traveling to if you need to travel immediately to arrange for a trip permit.

Temporary permits and a copy of the IFTA licence will be faxed to the carrier.

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