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Alaska Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Alaska

Some commercial vehicles operate in more than one jurisdiction but do not register their vehicles under any prorate agreement nor with the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC). These vehicles must pay full registration fees in Alaska. Since these vehicles are operated in jurisdictions other than Alaska their titles and registrations should remain with the owner and/or operator of the vehicle. (If the owner/operator of the vehicle is based in Alaska, these vehicles would follow normal title and registration procedures for Alaska.) A common example of this is a Canadian owned vehicle that operates regularly between Alaska and Canada. 

These vehicles may acquire what is called a dual registration and the vehicle may display more than one valid plate and have more than one valid registration certificate. These vehicles are only registered in the state of Alaska.

To apply for Dual Registration in Alaska, the following items are required to be submitted to any DMV Office:

  • Current registration from another jurisdiction (Photocopy is acceptable)
  • Application for Title & Registration
  • Fees
  • USDOT Number, Tax ID Number and number of axles
  • Canadian Vehicles, Only - The applicant must provide proof of the heavy vehicle use tax payment or present an exemption at the time of application. (U.S. Vehicles provide this proof in their base state.)

Commercial Trip Permit— For a one-time (up to 30 days) trip to Alaska, it may be less expensive to obtain a Commercial Vehicle Trip Permit. These may be obtained at the Tok Weigh Station. Their phone number is 1-907-883-4591. They DO NOT accept cash. Payment must be: MasterCard, VISA, Comdata check, T-check or money orders.


$350.00 for Trucks, Vans, Truck Tractor or Commercial Bus

$ 10.00 for all other commercial vehicles (including a trailer or semi-trailer).

Motor Fuel Tax: (Non-IFTA jurisdiction)

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