North Dakota Road Conditions And Closures

Driving through construction zones is necessary. New roads are built to improve traffic flow. Other roads need to be maintained to give you a smooth and safe drive. However, we know that construction will affect your drive time and experience. The 3 'S' checks will help you arrive safely at your destination.

Speed Check

  • Slow down when you approach a work zone; It comes faster than you think
  • Follow posted speed limits, even if there are no workers present.
  • Resume normal speed when the signs instruct you to do so.

Space Check

  • Leave at least 2 seconds between you and the car in front of you. If you stop, make sure you can see their rear wheels.
  • Do not pass on the shoulder of the road.
  • Don't make a point with tailgaters by slamming on your brakes. A collision won't solve anything.

Stress Check

  • If it's construction season, plan your route so you know where construction is occurring.
  • Expect delays. Leave extra time so you don't need to worry about running late. Check the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Travel Information Map for where to expect delays.
  • Driving lanes are often close together during construction zones. Avoid all distractions like cell phones and changing music stations.

Obey the Signs in Construction Work Zones!

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