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North Dakota DOT Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Load Flags/Banners/Signs/Lights, Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

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North Dakota Oversize / Overweight Regulations

Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Movement times: sunrise to sunset for all vehicles in excess of 10' wide. Single trip permits for over width movements that exceed 16 feet shall not be issued authorizing movements on Saturday after 12 noon, all day Sunday, and on holidays of New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 1) No over width permit exceeding 16 feet will be valid from 12 noon the day before the holiday until sunrise the day after the holiday.

"Oversized Load" Banner Regulations and Requirements

Loads that exceed 75' in length and/or 8' 6" in width must display and "Oversize Load" sign on the front and rear. Size: 5' long, 12" high. Lettering: Black, 8" high, 1" brushstroke Background Yellow

Flag Requirements

All overdimensional vehicles and loads shall have minimum 18" square red or bright orange flags displayed on the traffic side front and rear.

Warning Lights: Color and Placement

Permitted vehicles traveling from 1/2 hour after sunset until 1/2 hour before sunrise will have SAE approved Class 1 lights and reflectors: Clearance lights visible from the front, rear, and side marking the outermost portion of the vehicle and load which extends beyond 8 feet 6 inches. One rotating or two flashing amber lights mounted above the cab visible at a distance not less than 500 feet.

Source of Information:

North Dakota Legal Size and Weight Guide, and Permit Policy for Movement of oversize vehicles and/or Loads

What is considered as "Oversized Load" in North Dakota?

Dimensions: Width: 8' 6" (8' other roads) Height: 14' Semi Trailer Length: 53' Maximum Length: 75' (combinations) Legal Overhang: Front/Rear: 10'

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