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Kentucky Road Conditions And Closures

Safe drivers + Safe workers = SAFE WORK ZONES – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is committed to safety and wants everyone on Kentucky roadways behind the wheel or a barrel to return home safely. The government and DoT share the interest in safe work zones. By working together, we can prevent work zone crashes, injuries, and fatalities in Kentucky. Always committed to safety, KYTC engages, encourages, and empowers road crew workers to follow work zone safety best practices. Through initiatives such as Glow Orange, Kentucky (asking Kentucky businesses to pledge to light their facilities orange during National Work Zone Awareness Week), social media sharing of work zone stories, events featuring the National Work Zone Memorial Wall, and participation from industry partners, KYTC raises the driving public's awareness to stay alert in active work zones.

To help prevent future work zone crashes, the Transportation Cabinet asks drivers to practice three work zone safety tips:
1. Pay Attention – Don't text, eat or perform any other activity while driving.
2. Respect Flaggers – Obey their guidance and watch their direction carefully.
3. Slow Down – Maintain a safe following distance; rear-end collisions are the
most common work zone crash.

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