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Kentucky Tire Regulations

Regrooved or recut tires prohibited -- Exceptions.

(1) No person shall knowingly operate on any highway any vehicle on which any tire has been regrooved or recut or offer such tire for sale or exchange. (2) This section shall not apply to regrooved or recut vehicle tires which are designed and constructed in such a manner that regrooving and recutting is an acceptable and safe practice nor does this subsection apply to regrooving and recutting done in a tire recapping process. (3) No provision of this section shall apply or be construed to apply to any commercial vehicle operated under safety regulations or requirements of the Kentucky department of vehicle regulation or of the interstate commerce commission.

Maximum weight on iron and solid tires.

No person shall operate on a highway a vehicle that has greater weight on any tire per inch of width of the tire which is in contact with the surface of the highway, than four hundred (400) pounds, for iron or steel tires, or six hundred (600) pounds, for solid rubber or rubber compounded tires.

Chains and lugs on wheels -- Thickness of solid rubber tires.

(1) No person shall use on a highway not covered with ice, a vehicle with a chained wheel, unless the wheel rests upon an ice shoe at least six (6) inches wide. (2) Where chains are used on rubber-tired vehicles, the cross chains shall be not more than three-fourths (3/4) of an inch in thickness or diameter, and shall be spaced not more than ten (10) inches apart, around the circumference of the tires. (3) Any machinery, utensils or implements used solely for agricultural, farming or manufacturing purposes may be operated on the highways under present equipment except as is provided in subsection (4).

No solid rubber or rubber compounded tire on any vehicle, other than a vehicle being actually used in the construction or maintenance of a highway, shall be less than one (1) inch thick, measured from the steel flange of the rim. Any person violating this subsection shall be civilly liable for any damage done to any state or county highway. The county attorney of the county in which the damage is done shall institute actions necessary to reimburse the state or county for the damage suffered.

No tractor, traction engine, hauling engine or other similar power vehicle having any projections on the face of the tires or rims of the wheels in contact with the pavement shall be operated on any highway, the top surface of which is either composed of or treated with bituminous materials or concrete except that the driving wheels may be fitted with flat lugs extending diagonally across the entire width of the tire or rim. Those lugs shall be not less than one (1) inch in width at the bearing surface in contact with the pavement, but those lugs shall be so spaced that not less than two (2) lugs on each driving wheel shall be in contact with the highway surface at all times. The front or nondriving wheels may be fitted with flat steering rings, if those rings are at least two (2) inches in width and not more than one and one-half (1-1/2) inches in height, but there shall be no bolt head, rivet heads or other projections beyond the face of the tire or rim. The narrow angle iron lugs used for plowing or on soft ground shall not be permitted, nor shall any tractor or other vehicles of the caterpillar or track laying type having such projections on the faces of the shoes or treads of the track in contact with the roadway be permitted unless fitted with the flat lugs, in a way that will prevent any injury to the highway by either the narrow angle lugs or the projections on any tractor or other vehicle named in this section.

Mixed services / On/Off road:

Tire Size: 395/85R20
Position: All Position
Shoulder: Open
Load Range: J
Load Index (S/D): /
Ply Rating: 18
SKU: 94675

Diameter : 46.30''

Section width: 15.40''

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