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Idaho Road Conditions And Closures

The Idaho Transporation Department's policy is to plan, design, construct, maintain and operate safe and efficient Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) zones. Goals and objectives of the Idaho Transportation Department are to provide a safer environment for highway workers and the travelling public, work toward "zero deaths" in work zones, maintain or reduce project maximum travel delays stated in the construction contract, implement training programs for those involved in planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and providing Law Enforcement in work zones and managing incidents.

Don’t Be A Distracted Driver - To protect yourself, it’s important that you dedicate your full attention to the roadway while traveling in a construction zone.

Don’t Forget Special Penalties Apply - When you are in a construction zone, there is an additional $50 penalty for breaking the posted speed limit. Speeding in a construction zone is particularly dangerous since workers may be present just a few feet away from your vehicle. In addition, heavy work vehicles are unable to stop quickly. For example, a loaded 80,000 lb. tractor-trailer requires almost 50% more stopping distance than a standard passenger vehicle. Remember too that posted speed limits in construction zones assume that you are in perfect weather conditions. If the weather is poor, you may need to drive even slower. Keep your speed consistent with traffic flow and do not resume your normal driving speed until you see signs indicating that it is safe to do so.

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