Minnesota Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions – 2019

As of May 22, 2018 Spring Load Restrictions have ended for all Minnesota frost zones. Full-Summer Overweight Permits are now available in the Metro, Southeast and South frost zones.

SEASONAL WEIGHT INCREASE: Minnesota highways are at their strongest during the winter months. During the dates set by the Commissioner of Transportation each winter, the weight limitations are increased by 10 percent in designated frost zones

WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Paved routes remain at 10-ton limits, unless signs are posted restricting the axle weights to a lower limit. The starting and ending dates for these restrictions are determined by the Commissioner of Transportation for each of the frost zones depicted in the online map. Any road may be restricted at any time by the appropriate jurisdiction when conditions threaten damage or deterioration.

The Minnesota weight limits pamphlet and map can be found at:

For Seasonal Load Limits see: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/materials/pvmtdesign/sll/memos.html

This is a tabbed table showing dates and routes subject to seasonal restrictions, maps, weight information, seasonal load limits, etc.

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