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Maine Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions – 2019

Each spring, Maine DOT evaluates potential damage to state highways and determines whether weight restrictions should be imposed to prevent damage due to freeze/thaw action. Many municipalities undertake similar evaluations and restrictions on local road systems.

This means that a road that can carry a 15-ton load in the summer or winter may only be able to carry a 5-ton load as it thaws. A posted state road's maximum weight limit is 23,000 pounds. The posting is temporary and is designed to protect a road while it is vulnerable.

For up-to-date road conditions and restrictions, go to: and select "trucking" at the top of the page and "Maine" at the top of the map.

For information about local road postings, please see the "Locally Posted Roads" Section or contact the appropriate municipal office:

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