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St. Louis (Missouri) Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Note: For state regulations, see OD Regulations By State

Weight and Dimension Restrictions

Vehicles that are larger that the below measurements are oversized and require an Overdimensional Permit to drive on the streets of the City of St. Louis. Applications for overdimensional permits will require you to declare the size/weight of the vehicle as well as the route of the transport. 

Overdimensional permit required for vehicles which are:

  • 9 ft and over in width or
  • 15 ft and over in height or
  • 50 ft and over in length for a single unit or
  • 75 ft and over in length for a combination unit.
  • 22,400 pounds per axle is allowed before a unit is considered overweight.

Transports exceeding 18' in width or 110' in length will require applicant to also provide the axle weights (i.e. weight of load over each axle or set of axles, and how many axles in each set if applicable).

One escort vehicle is required for moves in which the width is over 10'4" or length exceeds 50' for a single unit or 75' for a combination unit. Escort travels in front of the transport vehicle.

Two escort vehicles required for moves in which the width is 14' or more, or the length is 90' or more. One escort travels in front, one in back.

See City of Saint Louis Official Website to apply for Oversize/Overweight Permit