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Las Vegas and Clark County Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Note: For state regulations, see OD Regulations By State

What is a Commercial Vehicle? 

Commercial vehicle means "every vehicle designed, maintained or used primarily for the transportation of property or passengers in furtherance of commercial enterprise, excepting and excluding any vehicle that is a taxicab motorcarrier as defined in Section 706.126 of the Nevada Revised Statutes" (CC14.46.010A). Basically, any vehicle that is not used for personal uses is considered a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles include buses, delivery trucks, service vehicles, etc. Commercial vehicles are not designed by type of vehicle, number of wheels, weight, length, height, or size.

Why are trucks driving on my street when it is posted NO TRUCKS?

Streets posted with the NO TRUCKS or NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLE signs (as shown in the upper right corner of this page) only prohibit commercial vehicle from using that street as a cut thru route. Commercial vehicles can use the street if it is the shortest route from a non-posted street to the delivery/pickup location. If all commercial vehicles were banned, then you could not get your mail, packages delivered or even your garbage picked up. Clark County evaluates and posts NO TRUCKS restrictions on a case-by-case basis.

Can you park a commercial vehicle in a residential area?

Yes and no. A commercial vehicle can be parked on residential street "when actually and expeditiously engaged in the loading or loading of merchandise or passengers or when such a vehicle is being used in conjunction with the performance of service, repair, construction, or similar essential use within the immediate neighborhood." You cannot park a commercial vehicle on a residential street for overnight storage or visiting. A residential area is defined, per CC 12.46.060 as the entire right-of-way width of a public highway, road or alley, and shall also include the entire right-of-way width of a public highway, road or alley bounding a residential or apartment zoning district. Also, the County does not issue permits for exception to allow parking in residential areas.

Who regulates oversize and overweight commercial vehicles?

Vehicles that are oversized and overweight are regulated by the Nevada Department of Transportation. These vehicles are required to get special permits to operate on public roads. More information on these issue can be found by calling 1-800-552-2127 or at:

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