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Indianapolis Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Note: For state regulations, see OD Regulations By State

Weight and Dimension Restrictions

A permit is needed for the movement of a vehicle or a combination of vehicles, including the load, of a size, and/or weight that exceeds the maximum legal size and weight limits as established by Indiana law (IC 9-20-3, IC 9-20-4). Except for certain vehicles, which are given a permit exemption, any transport exceeding these limits must obtain a permit prior to moving on Indianapolis city streets and highways: 

  • Legal width limitation is 8 feet 6 inches;
  • Legal height limitation is 13 feet 6 inches;
  • Legal length limitation of a single vehicle operated under the vehicle's own motive power is 40 feet;
  • Recreational vehicle is 40 feet;
  • Common carrier of persons is 40 feet;
  • Common carrier of persons is 40 feet;
  • Two-vehicle combination is 60 feet, with a 53-foot limit on the semitrailer. In addition, a semitrailer longer than 48 feet 6 inches may not be operated on any Indiana public highway when the distance between the kingpin and the rearmost axle of the semitrailer exceeds 40 feet 6 inches for semitrailers manufactured after December 31, 1984; or 42 feet 6 inches for semitrailers manufactured before January 1, 1985.
  • Three-vehicle combination is 65 feet, with a limit of 28 feet 6 inches for each semitrailer and trailer.
  • Legal weight limitation of 80,000 pounds total gross weight, subject to all individual axle weights conforming to the Federal Bridge Formula.

Superload Permit 

A Superload Permit is needed if, in addition to exceeding the legal limitations, the dimensions and/or the weight exceed additional pre-defined limitations. The pre-defined limitations for a Superload Permit are as follows:

  • Width exceeds 16 feet;
  • Height exceeds 15 feet;
  • Length exceeds 110 feet;
  • Weight exceeds 150,000 pounds.

In general, vehicles that exceed these dimensions and weights will require additional efforts, engineering judgment, coordination between INDOT's six District Offices, etc.

For oversize load requirements (escort, superload permits) and oversize load application see