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Chicago Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Note: For state regulations, see OD Regulations By State

Weight and Dimension Restrictions

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code, the executive director may issue a special permit authorizing a vehicle or combination of vehicles not in conformity with the following size regulations.

Maximum Width of Vehicles

The maximum width of any vehicle and its load shall not exceed 8 feet, except that vehicles designed and used for carrying more than seven persons may be 8 feet 8 inches in width; provided, however, that required mirrors may project up to 6 inches beyond each side of a vehicle, and such projection shall not be deemed a violation of the above width restrictions. The width restrictions of this section are subject to the special permit provisions of this chapter.

Maximum Height of Vehicles

The height of a vehicle from the underside of the tire to the top of the vehicle, inclusive of load, shall not exceed 13 feet 6 inches. The height restrictions of this sections are subject to the special permit provisions of this chapter.

Maximum Length of Vehicles

  • No single vehicle, unladen or with load, shall exceed a length of 42 feet extreme overall dimension.
  • No combination of truck tractor and semitrailer, unladen or with load, shall exceed a length of 55 feet extreme overall dimension. A truck tractor semitrailer may draw one trailer, and truck in-transit may draw three trucks in-transit coupled together by the triple saddle mount method, and no such combination, unladen or with load, shall exceed a length of 60 feet extreme overall dimension except that such combination when speciality designed to transport motor vehicles may have a length of 60 feet extreme overall dimension.
  • No other combination of vehicles coupled together shall consist of more than two vehicles, and no such combination of vehicles, unladen or with load, shall exceed a length of 55 feet extreme overall dimension.
  • Length limitations shall not apply to a vehicle operated in the daytime when transporting poles, pipe, machinery or other objects of a structural nature which cannot readily be dismembered or to a vehicle transporting such objects operated at nighttime by a public utility when required for emergency repair of public service facilities or properties or when operated under special permit as provided in this chapter; provided, however, that during authorized night transportation the vehicle shall be equipped with a sufficient number of clearance lamps upon the extreme ends of any projecting load to mark clearly the dimensions of such load.
  • The load upon any vehicle operated alone, or the load upon the front vehicle of a combination of vehicles, shall not exceed more than three feet beyond the front wheels of such vehicle or the front bumper of such vehicle if it is equipped with such a bumper.

The permit shall authorize the operation of a vehicle, whose total gross weight is equal to or less than 160,000 pounds within the designed industrial truck corridor for the purpose of delivery or pick up of materials. The operation of any vehicle within the designed truck corridor whose: total gross weight is greater than 160,000 pounds; or operation is for purposes other than for delivery or pick up of materials or merchandise within the designated industrial truck corridor shall be subject to the provisions of this section. 

For Size and Weight Limits in the City of Chicago see$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:chicago_il