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North Carolina Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for North Carolina

Temporary Trip Permit

If not proportionally registered a trip permit must be obtained before entering any other International Registration Plan member jurisdiction and carried in the cab of the vehicle for which issued or the vehicle may be subject to full registration in that jurisdiction.

With the trip permit, and provided proper operating authority is held in the member jurisdiction, the vehicle is entitled to be operated intrastate as well as interstate during the period allowed under the permit. Exception: Trip permit operation is limited to interstate movement in Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota.

Fees and duration of temporary trip permits are dependent upon the registration laws of the particular jurisdiction. Trip permits are intended to be used only occasionally or for emergency need and shall not be used to evade proportional registration.

Trip permits are available from the following Transmitter Services, who charge a service fee. The fee for a North Carolina Temporary Trip Permit is $15 for 10 days.

Refer to the IRP manual for more details.

Fuel Permit

Carriers that do not have an IFTA license must have a fuel permit for each state when operating interstate. Drivers must have this permit prior to entry into North Carolina. Valid in North Carolina only.

Expiration Time - Fuel permits are valid for 3 days from the date of issue, and must be carried in the vehicle at all times while you're in North Carolina.

Permits are necessary for carriers based in another jurisdiction when traveling into North Carolina who are not properly registered for North Carolina. This permit allows interstate and intrastate movements. Seventy two hour permits are vehicle specific. The permit cost is determined by permit type(s) selected. The state of North Carolina does not provide refunds. Coast2Coast does not provide refunds.

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