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Indiana Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Indiana

Fuel Permit

5-Day Trip Permits

What is a 5-day trip permit?

Instead of obtaining an annual license and paying the quarterly tax imposed, you may be issued a 5-day trip permit from a permit service. The 5-day trip permit authorizes the carrier to operate a commercial motor carrier in or through Indiana for a period of five consecutive days.

Note: 5-day trip permits are issued only by permit services, with a fee of $50 plus any permit service charges.

Temporary Trip Permit

3-Day Trip Permits

What if I travel through Indiana only occasionally?

In lieu of the permanent registration credentials, an Indiana IRP 3-day trip permit is required for all out-of-state carriers who are properly registered and insured in their base states, but who have not apportioned for Indiana and wish to drive in or through the state of Indiana.

The permit must be secured prior to entry and must remain with the vehicle while in the state. Refunds or credit cannot be given for unused permits.

The Indiana IRP 3-day trip permit is available through wire services or through the Indiana Department of Revenue.  e permit is issued for a period of three days for a fee if issued from the Motor Carrier Services Division. Prices may vary if issued through a wire service. Certain requirements must be met prior to the issuance of a 3-day trip permit. Visit the MCS at for the complete listing of fees.

Please consult the IRP Handbook on the MCS website at for details.