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Rhode Island Road Conditions And Closures

Be alert around work zone crews - Although there are usually plenty of brightly coloured signs and even workers on a construction zone to give you an indication that it is appropriate to slow down, there are also several other steps you can take to avoid being in an accident or facing a serious fine. In Rhode Island, traffic fines are doubled in a work zone when there are signs posted, even if there are no workers present. Many individuals are already familiar with the concept of driving carefully and minimizing their speed when moving through these areas. Even though slowing down might seem inconvenient, it can dramatically reduce the chances that you’ll be involved in a serious car collision in Rhode Island.

  • Always comply with the posted speed limit and slow down even further if weather conditions or other issues indicate this will be a good idea.
  • Always merge into the proper lane as you come towards a work zone. It is much easier to do this far in advance from a lane closure location.
  • Never tailgate when in a work zone. Keep a safe distance between you and another vehicle.
  • Don’t engage in any distractions. You should never do this at any time you are on the road anyways, but it is especially important in a work zone in Rhode Island.
  • Be aware for the emergence of sudden hazards like vehicles, workers or equipment that may enter your lane with little or no warning.

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