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Missouri Road Conditions And Closures

The Missouri Department of Transportation celebrates National Work Zone Awareness Week every April. To celebrate this week, the Southeast District plans interactive activities to emphasize the importance of work zone safety. The Missouri Department of Transportation has changed its statewide work zone guidelines to improve safety for motorists and highway workers, reduce traveller delays and frustrations, improve statewide consistency in work zones and make better use of MoDOT’s resources. Safety number one value. The state communicates with the public. They get the word out about upcoming projects and alternate routes. They input effort in reducing disruptions for motorists by shifting work to night and off-peak hours, when possible. Managing multiple project on a route when possible. Setting appropriate speed limits. Now it's not all on MO to do, in order for this to work drivers must obey some rules as well such as respecting the constant speed limit that has been stated out by the crew, not to rush and disrespect other drivers and workers, using those alternate routes when they can, and avoid traveling at night while work is being done.

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