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North Dakota Pilot Cars / Escort Vechicle Requirements

When Escort Vehicles are Required:

All movements exceeding 14 feet 6 inches in width, 18 feet in height, and 120 feet in overall length are required to have official escort or approved pilot cars (see Pilot Car Policy, Policy 9- 15). In lieu of the pilot car requirement for movements not exceeding 16 feet in width, the overwidth vehicle itself, or vehicle towing or hauling an overwidth load, may be equipped with a lighted rotating or flashing amber light or lights that are visible from front and rear for a minimum 500 feet. On four-lane divided highways there are no pilot car requirements for movements not exceeding 16 feet in width. 

Exceeding 16 feet in overall width:

  1. One pilot car is required to precede each movement at a distance of 300 to 700 feet and one pilot car is required to follow each movement at a distance of 300 to 700 feet on twolane highways. 
  2. One pilot car is required to follow each movement at a distance of 300 to 700 feet on fourlane divided highways. 

Exceeding 18 feet in overall width:

The movement will be subject to Highway Patrol escort if deemed necessary by the regional commander(s). A Highway Patrol escort would be in addition to private pilot car escorts. The moving company will contact the regional commander(s) in the region(s) in which the oversize/overweight load movement will travel. 

Pilot Car Requirements

1) The vehicle must be a passenger vehicle or two-axle truck only and must be operated as a single unit only. 

2) The vehicle must have on the highest part a sign that is minimum 12 inches in height and 60 inches in length with the words OVERSIZE LOAD on it. The sign shall be yellow with black lettering. The lettering shall not be less than 8 inches high and 1-inch brush strokes. In addition, flashing amber lights shall be mounted on both ends of the sign. In place of the two alternating lights, there can be one centrally mounted revolving amber light on the top of the sign. There shall be radio communication between the pilot car(s) and the vehicle being escorted.

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