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Saskatchewan DOT Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Load Flags/Banners/Signs/Lights, Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

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Saskatchewan Oversize / Overweight Regulations

Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Daytime running permitted from sunrise to sunset. Overwidth vehicles and over height vehicles may be restricted to night travel between the hours of 10 pm – 5 am. Travel is allowed on weekends Travel not restricted on holidays. No movement from 3:00 pm Friday until Monday morning.

"Oversized Load" Banner Regulations and Requirements

"Oversized Load" load signs required for all oversized loads.
Oversize loads required “Wide Load” or “Wide”, “Long Load” or “Long” , or “Oversize Load” or “Oversize” , as applicable.
Size: 7 ft Wide, 18" in. high
Lettering: black, 10" high, 1.41" ft brush stroke
Background Yellow
Not specifically mentioned, but it is anticipated that the standard red and white "D" sign is also acceptable.

Flag Requirements

Flags must be displayed on all four corners of all overwidth loads and at the extreme ends of all protrusions, projections or overhangs.

Warning Lights: Color and Placement

For night movement vehicle must have amber lights visible from the front and side at the outermost extremities. The rearmost edge of the projecting load must be marked with a red lamp visible from the rear and sides.

Source of Information:

Reg. 413/05: VEHICLE WEIGHTS AND DIMENSIONS, Chapter H-3.01 Reg 8

What is considered as "Oversized Load" in Saskatchewan?

Width: 8 ft 6.37"
Height: 13 ft 6"
Overhang: Front 4 ft, Rear 10 ft
Length: 48 ft (trailer-no overall length limits)
Category 1A: Tridem Drive 23 m (77 ft)
A Train Double 25 m (82 ft)
B Train Double 27.5 m (90 ft)

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