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Saskatchewan Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions – 2023


The Winter Weight Season is in effect for many roadways in the province of Saskatchewan, according to information from the provincial Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. Typically, seasonal (spring) restrictions take effect in March.

Spring Load Restrictions on affected highways: The maximum load on steering axles is 10 kg per millimeter (560 lb. per inch) width of tire (manufacturer's stamped dimensions), to a maximum of 3 000 kg (6,612 lb.) on each wheel but to a maximum of 5,500 kg (12 120 lb.) on the steering axle; except for straight trucks on primary highways which are allowed up to a maximum of 7,250 kg on the steering axle with the appropriate tire size.

Maximum loads on all other wheels will be limited to 6.25 kg/mm (350 lb. per inch) width of tire to a maximum loading of 1,650 kg per wheel (3,636 lb.)

Source: Spring Road Restrictions:

Government of Saskatchewan, Winter Weights and Spring Road Bans and Interactive Map:

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