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Missouri Pilot Cars / Escort Vechicle Requirements

Escort Requirements are as follows: 


No escort is required for loads up to and including 12 feet 4 inches in width. Escort requirements for loads exceeding 12 feet 4 inches in width are in following sections.

12 feet 4 inches - 14 feet: One escort required for each overdimension unit on the interstate and designated routed system. This escort shall be in the rear on dual lane divided or multi-lane pavement and in the front on two lane pavement. Travel on routes off interstate and designated route system will require two escorts (front and rear). Two-way radios required in the power unit and all escort vehicles. 

Over 14 feet: One escort is required in the rear on interstate and other divided highways. Two escorts are required on all multi-lane undivided and two-lane highways, one front and one rear. Two-way radio communication is required between the power unit and all escort vehicles.


A rear escort is required for movements when the vehicle and load exceed 90 feet for a combination unit on all highways except divided highways; and 

Special escort requirements may be specified whenever the size, speed or operation of movement may require. A separate escort shall be provided for each load and movement in convoy is not allowed.

Escorts and Flagmen

The following regulations apply to escorts and flagmen and it is the responsibility of the permit applicant to see that escorts which accompany their movement adhere to these regulations: 

  • An escort is defined as a vehicle with operator which accompanies overload movements to serve as a warning to other traffic that extra caution is required. Operators of escort vehicles must obey all traffic laws; 
  • The escort vehicle must be a single unit vehicle of standard size with unobstructed vision to the front and rear and in safe operating condition. The unit may be an automobile, pickup truck, carryall, station wagon or equivalent unit; 
  • Oversize load signs shall he displayed on the front and/or rear of the escort vehicle, whichever is applicable, for the move or an optional sign mounted on the top of the vehicle with printing on both sides is acceptable. Signs are to be a minimum size of 5 feet by 1 foot high with a minimum 8 inch high letters. The sign’s background shall he yellow with black lettering and visible for at least 300 feet. The legend shall read “OVERSIZE LOAD”. 
  • Escort vehicles are to be equipped with at least two red or orange fluorescent warning flags mounted on a staff at the two front extremities of the vehicle for a front escort and at the rear extremities for a rear escort. Flags used for flagging and on permit vehicles shall be clean, red or orange fluorescent warning flags, in good condition, with no advertising or wording and be at least 18 inches square; and 
  • Flagmen must be courteous, alert and have a high sense of responsibility for the safety of all concerned.

Emergency movements: Escort vehicles 300 feet in front on 2 lane pavement and 300 feet in rear on dual lane or multilane undivided pavement must display adequate clearance lights at extreme edges of an overwidth load for night movements and oversize load signs shall be reflectorized or lighted. Escort vehicles will not be permitted to convoy movements. 

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