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Rhode Island Manufactured Homes Moving


Mobile and Modular Homes:

  • Legal Width 8'6"
  • Legal Length 60'
  • Legal Height 13'6"
  • Over the above dimensions require a special permit.

Rhode Island is a member of the multistate permit agreement with Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Multi-state permits may be obtained only for vehicles and loads falling within the size envelope limits as follows: 

  • weight 108,000 on 5 axles — 120,000 lbs. (six or more axles); 
  • length — 90'; 
  • height — 13'6"; 
  • width — 14' (additional 6" of overhang for eaves on mobile and modular home components only is permissible). 

For vehicles exceeding these limits, individual state permits must be obtained from each state permit office. 

Permits are valid for 5 days. Travel is limited to times listed on permit. 

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