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New Hampshire Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions – 2024

2024 Frost Laws and Spring Road Restrictions Update

Annual Road Postings Underway on Sections of NH State Highways
Heavy Vehicle Ban Necessary to Protect Pavement During Thaw.

New Hampshire Department of Transportation Commissioner George Campbell has ordered customary spring load limits on sections of the State highway system,m as authorized under State law.

Warmer weather means sections of roads will be vulnerable to pavement breaking up as the frost leaves the underlying road base. Road postings are determined annually by local NHDOT District Engineers, who carefully review each roadway in their areas before posting a road limit to ensure road protection. For up-to-date road conditions and restrictions, go to and select "trucking" at the top of the page and "New Hampshire" at the top of the map.

The maximum allowable vehicular weight on posted sections of State highways is one-half of the regularly allowed legal load (RSA 236:3-a).

Affected roads can be found on the Web at

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