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Newport News (VA) Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Note: For state regulations, see OD Regulations By State

Weight and Dimension Restrictions

If the dimensions of the vehicle combination or non-divisible load, or both, exceed one or more of the following statutory limitations listed below, a permit is required.

  • Gross Weight - 80,000 pounds (no matter the number of axles o axle groups provided);
  • Single Axle - 20,000 pounds or 650 pounds per inch of tire width in contact with the surface of the highway;
  • Tandem Axle - 34,000 pounds
  • Width - 8 feet 6 inches excluding mirrors (safety devices not to exceed 3 inches on each side);
  • Height - 13 feet 6 inches;
  • Length - Single Unit Vehicle: 40 feet excluding load overhang; Combination of a Towing Vehicle and any Trailer Type: 53 feet provided the spacing between the kingpin of the trailer and rearmost axle or a point midway between the rear tandem axles does not exceed 41'.
  • Twin Trailers - over dimensional twin trailers will not be permitted;
  • Front Overhang: Exceeding 3 feet from front axle;
  • Rear Overhang: Exceeding 4 feet from rear axle. 

For Overdimensional Policy brochure and Overdimensional Permit Application Form see