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Oklahoma Axle Weight Limits

Axle spacings and weight calculator

Max Legal Weight for GVW under 80,000 lbs and Max Permitted Weight for GVW over 80,000 lbs

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Maximum Legal Weight Allowed

All size and weight limits imposed by Oklahoma Law are subject to the limitations of 23 U.S.C. 127 (imposing weight limitations on interstate travel of 20,000 pounds per Single Axle, 34,000 pounds per Tandem Axle and Gross Weight determined by formula, but not to exceed 80,000 pounds (except for designated routes of vehicles with Special Permits under State Law)). The following size and weight limitations have been adopted by the State of Oklahoma. In addition, local authorities may set size or weight limitations for highways under their jurisdiction. These limitations are to be indicated by the posting of signs on the applicable highways.

Maximum Permit Weight Allowed

  • Steer Axle - 600 pounds per nominal inch of tire tread width (size of tire) x the number of tires - not to exceed 15,000 pounds;
  • Single Axle - 20,000 pounds maximum per axle;
  • Tandem Axle - 40,000 pounds/20,000 pounds per axle minimum;
  • Tridem Axle - 60,000 pounds/20,000 pounds per axle minimum.

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