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Manitoba Oversize Annual Permit | Oversize Overweight Load Annual Permits

Annual permit are only allowed in the following jurisdictions if the width of the vehicle or load does not exceed:

3.7 m Province of Manitoba and the City of Brandon
3.7 m (divisible loads) City of Winnipeg
4.6 m (non-divisible loads) City of Winnipeg

Unless the vehicle and load meet the criteria laid out in another standard, the following apply:

  • The permit is valid for truck, truck tractors with a single semitrailer, and B-train and Super B combinations only.
  • B-train and Super B combinations must meet legal length requirements.
  • Any vehicle with a non-divisible load in excess of the annual dimensions listed above can apply for a single trip permit.
  • The load must be placed on the trailer in the narrowest possible way.
  • Long combination vehicles are not eligible for over width permits.

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