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Iowa Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Iowa

Registration Trip Permit

An alternative to International Registration Plan plating for an occasional trip into another IRP jurisdiction is obtaining a registration trip permit from the other jurisdiction(s). If your truck is currently plated outside Iowa, you may purchase a permit to operate in Iowa. The permit is valid for 72 hours, and must be obtained and placed in the vehicle before entering Iowa.

Trip permits cannot be used to meet registration requirements of any over dimensional or overweight load permits.

Temporary Fuel Permit

Non-IFTA affiliated vehicles may need to purchase temporary fuel permits to travel through certain states that are members of the IFTA. In Iowa, a temporary fuel permit is valid for one trip or 72 hours (whichever comes first). Upon departure from the state, a new permit is required before re-entering.

Contact Iowa Truck Services at 515-244-5193 for more information on permits.

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