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Illinois Trip And Fuel Permit - IRP and IFTA permits for Illinois

Illinois Trip Permit

Expiration Time - 72 hours

  1. Carrier operates in two or more jurisdictions.
  2. The power unit licensing weight is 26,001 lbs., or higher.
  3. The power unit has more than two axles regardless of licensed weight.
  4. The power unit is used in combination and the said combination is 26,001 lbs. or higher.

72- hour permits are vehicle specific. Permits are valid for 72 hours/3 days. Illinois currently allows the purchase of 3 IRP trip permits per vehicle before apportioned license (IRP) license must be purchased. No more than 3 trip permits may be issued per vehicle in any 12-month period.

Fuel Permit

In lieu of obtaining an IFTA license, you may satisfy your Motor Fuel Use Tax obligation by purchasing Single-Trip Permits for each jurisdiction in which you are traveling. A Single Trip Permit for Illinois allows a motor carrier who operates commercial motor vehicles to travel into or through Illinois for a 96-hour period without being registered in a motor fuel use tax program. If you are a carrier in need of a Single Trip Permit, please contact a Single Trip Permit provider. Single Trip Permits for Illinois must be purchased before entering Illinois.

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