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Massachusetts Tire Regulations

Studded tires are permissible in Massachusetts between November 2 and April 30. The fine for violating this law is $50. Studded tires can be applied to just the rear. In Massachusetts, snow chains are not illegal during snow storms, nor are they required. The one exception are triple-axle trucks, which must install one pair on an opposite set of wheels during snow storms. The use of tire chains of reasonable proportions when required for safety because of snow, ice or other slippery conditions. In Massachusetts the minimum tire thread depth is 2/32 inches. Tires must have at least 2/32 inches of tread depth in the proper grooves and no fabric breaks or exposed cords. Tires should be tested in various locations and in between different treads around each tire.

The maximum mechanical lift for four wheel drive motor vehicles shall be calculated by multiplying the wheel base times the wheel track, and dividing the product by a safety factor of 2200: i.e., 92" w/b x 58" w/t = 5336/2200 = 2" (maximum mechanical lift). The outside diameter of the largest tire size available from the original manufacturer as standard or optional equipment for the particular motor vehicle may also be increased up to an amount equal to maximum mechanical lift calculated.

The maximum combined mechanical and tire lift shall be no greater than the sum of the maximum mechanical lift and increased tire size calculated for the particular vehicle.

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