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Oregon Road Conditions And Closures

Work zone crashes are serious for Workers and Drivers. In Oregon and nationally, more drivers or their passengers are killed or injured in work zone crashes when compared to worker statistics. Road construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States therefore the government of Oregon has similar safety tips like other states across the US.

Safety Tips for Drivers:

 Pay attention to the driving task – especially in the Transition Zone of a work zone. Inattentive driving is the leading cause of work zone crashes.

 Orange is Your Clue! When you see orange signs, barrels, cones, and barricades – slow down and watch for highway workers.

 Obey all speed zone signs. Speeds may be reduced for your safety and the safety of workers.  Double your following distance. Don’t tailgate.

 Signal, look, and move safely into the correct lane well in advance.

 Be Alert! Work Zones can have narrow lanes, closed lanes, closed shoulders and workers very close to live traffic.

 When possible, move over for highway workers – Give workers more room between you and them.

 Be aware of temporary construction accesses on either side of the roadway.

 Be cautious and avoid following construction vehicles too closely – they often move abruptly in and out of work areas.

 Expect Delays — Plan for work zone delays. Leave earlier if you can. Be patient and drive safely through work zones.

 Plan your trip. Start planning in advance by using or TripCheck Mobile ( to:

o Check your routes, look for work zones, and monitor road and weather conditions before you leave.
o Call 5-1-1 for latest traffic, weather and highway conditions.

o Avoid work zones by using alternate routes, when practical.

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