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Michigan Road Conditions And Closures

Michigan DOT suggests that drivers sign up for e-mail updates for Work Zone Safety through MDOT's GovDelivery e-mail system to keep themselves informed and get updates on future roadworks and constructions in order to avoid difficulties while going on a trip.

Focus on Driving

Get familiar with vehicle. • Preset radio stations, navigation, and climate control. • Secure items that may move around when the car is in motion. Do not reach down or behind the seat to pick up items. • Do not text, access the Internet, watch videos, play video games, search MP3 devices, or use any other distracting technology while driving.

If you go too fast in Michigan construction zones, you face a lot more than a speeding ticket:
o Doubled fines
o More points on your Michigan license
o Increased auto insurance rates
o Jail and fines.

Follow the orange signs

Avoid driving while distracted

Stay alert

Give commercial trucks more room

Stay calm

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