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Vermont Pilot Cars / Escort Vechicle Requirements

When escort vehicles are required:

Escort vehicles are required when the vehicle and/or load meet or exceed the following dimensions or at the discretion of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or his/her authorized representative: 

  •  Wide load of 12 feet or greater 
  •  Long load of 80 feet or greater 
  •  Overhang of 15 feet or greater. 

Escort Vehicle Requirements 

An escort vehicle must be at least the size of a compact car or larger. Escort vehicles must maintain two-way radio contact with the permitted vehicle at all times. The escort vehicle must be equipped with a flashing amber light above the highest point of the vehicle or a combination of lights visible from 360 degrees. An escort vehicle preceding an oversize load shall have a sign on the front reading “OVERSIZE LOAD” and an escort vehicle following shall have a sign on the rear reading “OVERSIZE LOAD”. These signs shall have 10 inch black letters 1¼ inch brush stroke on a yellow background at least 5 feet long and 12 inches high. Signs must be maintained in a legible condition. The signs must be covered or removed when the escort vehicle is not accompanying an oversize load. The escort vehicle must maintain proper spacing between itself and the oversize load so as to adequately warn approaching vehicles. When one escort is required, it shall precede a load on undivided highways and follow the load on divided highways. Escort vehicle headlights shall be on low beam during all moves. The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or his/her authorized representative may require two or more escort vehicles. 

CONVOY OPERATIONS: There shall be a minimum spacing of 1,000 feet between permitted vehicles when two or more permitted vehicles are traveling together.

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