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Quebec DOT Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Load Flags/Banners/Signs/Lights, Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

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Quebec Oversize / Overweight Regulations

Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Travel in day light hours (1/2 hr before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset. Night travel by permit only.
Travel restricted on Sundays and legal holidays.

"Oversized Load" Banner Regulations and Requirements

Standard truck-width red and white "D" signs are preferred. Most provinces will allow "Wide Load" type signs from other provinces to enter or transit the province.

Flag Requirements

Flags are required on all Oversize loads. flags shall be clean, red or florescent orange, and at least 30 cm square. On the permitted vehicle, they shall be displayed so as to wave freely on all four corners of over-width loads and at the extreme ends of all protrusions, projections, or overhangs.

Warning Lights: Color and Placement

A rotating, strobe or flashing amber light, visible for 500 feet, must be mounted on the vehicle to warn all approaching traffic of a possible safety hazard. Red lights are required at the ends of rear extremities.

Source of Information:,%20r.%20312013TruckingManual[1].pdf

What is considered as "Oversized Load" in Quebec?

Width: 8 ft 6.37"
Height: 13 ft 6"
Overhang: Rear 2 m (6 ft 6in.)
Length: 23 m (75 ft) (Maximum length overall)
Category 1A: Tridem Drive 23 m (77 ft)
A/C Train Double 25 m (82 ft)
B Train Double 27.5 m (90 ft)

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