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Movement of mobile homes, modular housing units and undercarriages. A mobile home, modular housing unit or modular housing undercarriage that does not exceed 80 feet in body length, 14 feet in width—except as authorised in paragraph (3)—and 14 feet, 6 inches, in height may be transported upon the highway subject to the following requirements:

(1)  The towing hitch mechanism of a modular housing undercarriage or mobile home shall be equipped with two antisway devices whenever the total width exceeds 13 feet, unless operating on a highway section having a posted speed below 40 miles per hour. A modular housing undercarriage or mobile home which has at least four tandem axles with brakes on each wheel may operate on any highway without antisway devices.

(2)  The gross weight of the combination may not exceed the towing vehicle’s registered gross combination weight or gross combination weight rating.

(3)  A mobile home or modular housing unit may exceed 14 feet in width by no more than 6 inches total overhang at the roof eaves. The total width at the roof eaves may not exceed 14 feet, 6 inches. A roof eave overhang in excess of 3 inches shall be loaded to face the right side of the highway.

(4)  A mobile home or modular housing unit which is found to exceed the 14-foot width limit specified in this subsection or the 14-foot, 6-inch total roof eave width limit provided in paragraph (3), will be authorised to operate upon the highway only for purposes of returning to the manufacturer or other location determined by the Department.

Permit Fees: $41 (if 14’ in width or less); 

$80 (if more than 14’ in width)

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