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Nebraska Manufactured Homes Moving

There are 2 types of mobile home and manufactured home permits:

Manufactured Housing:

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There are 3 different permits you can purchase

Continuous: 3-Month



Terms and conditions for restrictions due to weather will be set out on the individual permit. Single Trip and Manufactured Housing restrictions due to weather are defined as follows:

003.15C Single Trip: Travel for overweight single trip permits “ONLY” is not restricted due to weather conditions. Travel for over dimensional single trip permits is prohibited if any of the following adverse or inclement weather conditions exist:

003.15C1 Winds cause a hazard to movement.

003.15C2 Visibility is less than one-half mile.

003.15C3 Rain, sleet or snow.

003.15C4 Highway surfaces are slippery due to ice, snow, packed snow, slush or frost.

003.14C5 Debris from an accident, natural disaster, or emergency on the highway.

003.15D Manufactured Housing: Permit travel is prohibited if any of the following adverse or inclement weather conditions exist:

003.15D1 Winds velocity exceeds 25 miles per hour.

003.15D2 Visibility is less than one-half mile.

003.15D3 Rain, sleet or snow.

003.15D4 Highway surfaces are slippery due to ice, snow, packed snow, slush, or frost.

003.15D5 Debris from an accident, natural disaster, or emergency on the highway.

003.16 Permits will not be issued for vehicles or loads which can be reduced to comply with the size and weights permitted by statutes (divisibility of vehicles or loads).

003.17 The Department shall require “OVERSIZE LOAD” signs and flags as follows:

003.17A On loads more than 10 feet in width, signs stating “OVERSIZE LOAD” must be displayed to the front of the hauling vehicle and the rear of the load. The signage must comply with requirements in Section 001.22.

003.17B On loads more than 12 feet in width, red flags, not less than 18 inches square, must be displayed on all four corners of the vehicle or vehicles.

003.18 Escort vehicles/light bar requirements for overdimensional vehicles and loads.

003.18A Escort vehicles conforming to the requirements of Section 001.06 may be required for the movement of overdimensional vehicles or loads when such vehicles or loads exceed:


004.01 A Single Trip Permit may be issued for the movement of a vehicle or combination of vehicles, which in itself exceeds the legal limitations with regard to weight, height, length or width, only when unladen or when the load to be carried exceeds the dimensions of the vehicle or combination of vehicles.

004.01A In no case shall a single axle exceed 20,000 pounds either alone or in a group of axles except as covered in Sections 004.01B and 004.01C.

004.01B A Single Trip Permit may be issued for construction equipment or equipment used in agricultural land treatment, that is driven on the road, provided it is equipped with flotation tires that do not exceed the limits for individual tire specifications. The individual tire sizes will be required by the Department for permit issuance and will be placed on the permit.

004.01C A Single Trip Permit may be issued for self-propelled specialized mobile equipment including self-propelled oil well servicing units, provided that no single axle shall exceed 25,000 pounds, no tandem axle shall exceed 47,000 pounds, no triple axle shall exceed 60,000 pounds and no quad axle shall exceed 80,000 pounds. In no case shall the maximum gross weight exceed 94,000 pounds on a four-axle unit, 107,000 pounds on a five-axle unit or 120,000 pounds on a six-axle unit. On all specialized mobile equipment of seven axles or more, a review of the route by the Department’s Permit Office and Bridge Division will be required.

004.01D A permit, if issued, will be valid for a period not to exceed 10 moving days, days on which the move may be made in accordance with these regulations.


006.01 Permits may be issued for single trip movement of manufactured housing not exceeding 16 feet in width from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset over specified routes to be designated by the Department subject to all Regulations herein contained and all State and Federal laws or applicable Regulations.

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