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Manitoba Manufactured Homes Moving

No specific info for Manufactured or Mobile homes.

Permit Types

You will need to apply for a permit if any of the following apply to you or your vehicle

  • you have a vehicle or load exceeding legal dimensions or weights
  • you have a long combination vehicle
  • you have a lift axle on a semitrailer or trailer
  • you need a temporary increase to the registered gross vehicle weight (RGVW)
  • you are operating a bus for hire (a regular route bus or chartered bus) that crosses Manitoba's borders
  • you require IRP, FRP or IFTA
  • You want to use the winter road system
  • you want to travel on a restricted highway during spring road restrictions

Permit Services offers three types of permits:

  • One Move Permits (single trip)
  • Term Permits
  • Annual Permits

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