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A person shall not operate on any highway, except those highways designated by the secretary of transportation under the provisions of KRS 189.222, or those locally maintained highways under the provisions of KRS 189.222(11) or KRS 189.230(4), any of the following trucks, trailers, manufactured homes, or vehicles: 

Any motor truck, semitrailer, trailer, manufactured home, or vehicle which exceeds eleven and one-half (11-1/2) feet in height or ninety-six (96) inches in width, including any part of the body or load;

Length: (2) A manufactured home that has a combined length of the manufactured home and towing vehicle greater than 120 feet shall not be towed upon a Kentucky highway. (3) A manufactured home shall not exceed 90 feet in length.

Single Trip Permit 

A single-trip permit shall cost 60 for each overweight or overdimensional permit requested.

Annual Permit 

The department may, at the request of an applicant, issue an annual permit regardless of the type of vehicle or equipment being transported that exceeds the weight or dimension limits established by this chapter if the load being transported is a non-divisible load. 

The vehicle shall not exceed 16 feet in width exclusive of usual and ordinary overhang, 120 feet in length including a towing vehicle and trailer combination, 13 feet 6 inches in height, or 160,000 pounds.

An annual permit for loads less than 14 feet in width shall $250. An annual permit for loads exceeding 14 feet in width shall cost $500.

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