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New Brunswick Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions – 2023

2022 Spring Weight Restrictions. New Brunswick frost laws for 2022.

Spring weight restrictions for truck traffic will come into effect on Monday, March 1st, in southern New Brunswick and on Monday, March 8th, in northern New Brunswick.

Restrictions will continue until midnight on Sunday, May 16th, in southern New Brunswick and midnight, Sunday, May 23rd, in northern New Brunswick. These dates are dependent upon weather conditions and are subject to change

The Department reminds heavy vehicle operators and freight forwarders that the authorized axle load limits are reduced during the spring thaw period on all public roads. This is done every year to account for the road network’s lower bearing capacity during the spring thaw period.

Spring weight restrictions of 90% or 80% of legal axle weight are published each spring and are available at the link below.


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