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New Jersey Axle Weight Limits

Axle spacings and weight calculator

Max Legal Weight for GVW under 80,000 lbs and Max Permitted Weight for GVW over 80,000 lbs

Vehicle configuration

Maximum Legal Weight Allowed

The following table outlines the statutory weight limits in the State of New Jersey:




22,400 pounds


34,000 pounds

Other Axle Configuration

Apply Federal Bridge formula

Gross Vehicle Weight

80,000 pounds

The gross weight of each set of tandem axles shall not exceed 34,000 pounds and the combined gross weight of the two consecutive sets of tandem axles shall not exceed 68,000 pounds.

Maximum Permit Weight Allowed

An annual ocean borne containerized cargo MULTIPLE-TRIP PERMIT – may be issued for a tractor semitrailer combination engaged in the transportation of sealed containers of the type commonly used for the conveyance of freight transportation in international ocean going commerce.

The combined gross vehicle weight of any tractor semitrailer combination, including load or content conveying sealed containers, shall not exceed 90,000 pounds. The tractor semitrailer combination per-axle combined weight shall not exceed 38,000 pounds for any one tandem axle unit in any tractor semitrailer combination and shall not exceed 56,400 pounds for any tri-axle trailer configuration. Additionally, vehicles shall conform with the axle limitations in N.J.S.A. 39:3-84 and the maximum tire load limit in N.J.A.C. 13:18- 1.10(a)2. Vehicles or combination of vehicles that exceed these weight limits may not use an annual ocean borne containerized cargo multiple-trip permit and shall obtain a single- trip permit.

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