Freight Broker Tools / Brokerage Software

Scale and control your OS/OW teams no matter where they are.

  • Automate RFQ’s/Quotes 

  • Equip Reps with Accurate Cost and Pricing Models

  • Performance Analytics 

Provide clients the ability to request quotations 24/7 through a unique customer interface. Streamline your RFQ’s/Quotes by assigning them to specific users or referring them directly to managers based on admin defined dimensions. Reps receive accurate costs and pricing with the click of a button and can return a bid to their customer in seconds with no need for email chains or lengthy calls for either party. Admins can access company analytics to better understand operational performance to implement profitable changes.  


Custom Cost Calculator

A custom calculator that allows to you to input base rates, rules, and modifiers to produce an accurate quote instantly

Company Analytics

Examine company performance through different metrics such as: rep performance, quotes by customer, most profitable quotes, etc

Lane Analysis

Compare past quotes within a specific origin radius to see previous pricing, contacts, and pertinent info. 

Quote Review

Assign parameters to specific users, assign managers to review all outbound quotes, and review accuracy to make potential pricing changes. 

Automated RFQ’s

Organize and automate your incoming RFQ's using your custom quoting framework. 

Permit & Escort Cost Calculator

An instantaneous calculator that shows all required permits and escorts for states and provinces along your route

Instant Oversize / Overweight Costs and Regulations

Standardize and streamline your oversize/overweight processes and operations.

Automate your quote calculations, setup manager supervision and allow everyone in your company to receive and quote oversize/overweight loads in seconds.

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