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Yukon Tire Regulations

All of the tires, including the spare tire, should have plenty of original tread and no bald spots. Each tire should be inflated to the same pressure, as well as balanced and aligned. Chains are not required for travel in Yukon in winter, but they are recommended to have on hand in case of emergency. There must be minimum clearances between the tires and the vehicle’s fenders, suspension, struts, brake lines to ensure that there is no unwanted contact between chains and/or vehicle components. Tire chains should be installed on the drive wheels of the vehicle according to manufacturer’s instructions. Tires need more than 4 mm (5/32 of an inch) of tire tread for winter driving. Tire width should be 445mm or greater.

  • Tires filled with air will lose 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 5 degree drop in temperature.
  • Under or over inflated tires will not perform properly.

Studded tires have no restrictions and can be used anytime throughout the winter.

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